Documentation Module

    The Documentation Module is a module that allows the site owner another medium for developing content and attracting visitors to their site. Like articles you can develop your SEO by creating new content that teachs other people something they want to learn or explains how to use something you are selling. These next few links will provide you with example documentation that will help you install and configure this module. Im building it to create tutorials on how to build things in different programming languages like php, JavaScript, Python, Go and C#.

documentation menu

    On install the module creates two menus. One is called Documentation Menu and it can be accessed from structure/menus. Here you add menu links to the menu that you use when you create documents. The module also installs its own admin menu called Docs. List Documents, Configuration, and View Documents.

    From List Documents you can add, edit delete and revise documents. Configuration will let you choose if your users can create documents and if to show these tutorial links. View Documents lets you view the documents you have created the way the user will experience them.